Feature Spotlight: Virtual AV Matrix

In March 2019, T1V released the latest version of ThinkHub collaboration software, ThinkHub 4.5.

ThinkHub 4.5 offers expanded capabilities with additional features and add-on modules to support its growing base of visual collaboration and active learning end users.

One of the exciting new features of ThinkHub 4.5 is the Virtual AV Matrix™.


Imagine you are in an important meeting, presenting live in your conference room to a prospective customer. You’re speaking to the slide deck showcased on your main conference screen, engaging the audience. Now it’s time to press play on the product video - but there is no audio coming through the display’s speakers.

To fix this audio output issue, you are forced to break in the presentation to physically adjust the hardware outputs in your closed AV conference room closet at the side of the room. The audience has lost focus and the momentum of the presentation is lost…

Real-time meeting presentation challenges like this are solved with ThinkHub 4.5’s Virtual AV Matrix Switcher. ThinkHub Virtual AV Matrix allows users to control an external Audio Video Matrix Switcher through one cohesive software platform.


Users now have the ability to simply drag and drop inputs and outputs to establish connections between their hardware throughout the room - all within the ThinkHub Menu.


This software-based room control solution is intuitive and easy to use. The expanded offering of the Virtual AV Matrix continues to drive the ThinkHub core product forward, while providing even more flexibility to Pro A/V dealers who want to provide their customers a tailored experience.

For more information about the Virtual AV Matrix add-on feature, please contact your T1V Rep or schedule a demo.

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