ALTT White Paper Series Challenge #1: getting your team to accept new technology

The 2019 Active Learning Technology Tour, or ALTT, was a two-day event hosted by T1V in February that exposed participants to one of the largest active learning technology deployments in the country.

The Zachry Engineering Education Complex at Texas A&M University features 38 active learning studios, 10 collaboration rooms, and 13 mobile carts, all powered by T1V ThinkHub Connect and ThinkHub active learning technology.

Students-Walking-in-Zachry-Lobby-Active-Learning-Classrooms-Texas-A&M-University-Zachry-Engineering-Education-Complex (1)

T1V has condensed key takeaways from the findings at ALTT into a white paper covering the Top 10 Challenges in Active Learning Technology and How to Solve Them.

In this blog series, we will begin to explore one of each of these Top 10 Challenges in Active Learning Technology.

With the use of technology increasing and technological solutions improving, the opportunity to revolutionize learning spaces is inspiring.

You’ve already researched the countless benefits of active learning in today’s classrooms -  like increased student participation, better access to remote learning, and higher retention rates.

Now that you know active learning technology is the key to transforming the space in your education environment, you are ready to take the next steps to improve it. The question remains: how do you get the rest of your team on board? 

professor-teach-class-active-learning-classroom (1)

It is said that change is the only constant in life. So when it comes time to roll out the details, implementation of a new space that focuses on active learning technology is often met with resistance.

Stakeholders ask - why do we need this new technology? Is the technology in our budget? Will the technology last?

Though questions like these can result in headaches on the mission to modernize your learning space, it is human nature to resist change - so don’t be discouraged. 

There are different ways to involve the community around you in the process of installing active learning technology - from gathering feedback to facilitating open communication and much more…

For these solutions and the sole most important action item when you are looking to implement active learning technology in a new environment, download the ALTT White Paper to learn more: