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T1V, Cenero, and Wake Forest University Discuss 2019 Challenges and Trends in Collaborative Spaces

On April 10, T1V, Cenero and Planar hosted an Open House event at T1V Headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

ALTT White Paper Series Challenge #1: getting your team to accept new technology

The 2019 Active Learning Technology Tour, or ALTT, was a two-day event hosted by T1V in February that exposed participants to one of the largest active learning technology deployments in the country.

ALTT White Paper: Top 10 Challenges in Active Learning Technology and How to Solve Them

In late February 2019, T1V hosted the inaugural Active Learning Technology Tour (ALTT) in College Station, Texas. After receiving an overwhelming number of applications, T1V awarded an active learning grant to leaders in higher education from 12 Universities.

Feature Spotlight: ThinkHub Language Support

ThinkHub is broadening its language capabilities. In addition to English, ThinkHub now supports Simple Chinese. This feature was recently announced as part of our ThinkHub 4.5 release.

With this update, T1V is able to support additional languages for its growing customer base around the globe.

T1V to Exhibit at NWMET 2019 Conference on April 16-19 in Las Vegas

T1V is excited to attend the Northwest Managers of Educational Technology 2019 Conference on April 16 - 19 in Las Vegas, NV. The conference is hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel by the University of Nevada Las Vegas and will gather thought leaders in management, application and technology in the higher education industry. The conference will provide a space for attendees to exchange experiences and share knowledge and ideas surrounding the future of higher ed.